After School Program

After School Program with Little Genius Learning Center

Our After School Program is the perfect safe environment for your child to boost their academic performance. We established our first afterschool program overseas for up to 200 students with the purpose of helping students develop and strengthen their academic and personal skills. This program gives your child a wonderful chance to build their confidence, learn how to socialize and improve their communication and critical thinking skills. We mainly focus on Math and English skills, especially reading and writing by offering special classes for each subject. We also help your child with their homework, prepare for projects, school work and develop their critical thinking skills.

Our highly trained teachers and safe environment allow your child to benefit greatly in many different aspects. We use creative, theme-based classes by using eye-catching illustrations and colorful material to create an inviting environment for learning. The afterschool program is designed for K-8 students and is 5 days a week from 3pm to 6pm.

We offer transportation from the school to the center as well as lunch and snacks!